Bottom Candy

    Have you ever been out fishing with friends and not been able to catch that big one? Have you watched your buddy on the other side of the boat reel in fish after fish while you seem to just be soaking baits on the bottom?  Well here's your answer to sparking that big bite or catching that monster that all your friends will envy! Order your BOTTOM CANDY now and enjoy the perfect artificial bait to tie on and initiate the big strike that everyone has been waiting and wishing for!​ Finally fish with something that the fish absolutely love to eat AND with something that they rarely see. ​ 

   The octopus is the greatest camouflage artist in nature, not because it's fun but because EVERYTHING wants to eat it! We noticed on fishing charters that every time we caught a octopus and used it for bait we caught many many more fish as well as bigger monsters.  Each morning we would buy $20-$30 worth of bait that would be gone by the end of the day.  Seeing the need, Captain Mike decided to make some of his own lures and see what happened.  To his surprise it was a big success catching keeper fish after keeper and lasting through several catches. After months of success and hundreds of happy charter customers he knew he was on to something and looked to patent his idea. Now that he has secured a US PATENT as well as a US TRAdEMARK we are aggressively manufacturing and selling these irresistable BOTTOM CANDY artificial fishing lures. We are confident that we have produced the next greatest soft plastic lure and are proud to offer them to all our angler friends out there looking for that one "go to" bait to always have in their tackle box.  Order yours today!

BOTTOM CANDY's beginning

The cephalopod (octopus) is the greatest camouflage artist in nature. This is because EVERYTHING wants to eat it and it needs The best protection it can have.  We have capitalized on this and made the perfect octopus tentacle to attract the big fish bites!